360M: Sociopath Child Makes “Music” Out of Animal Screams

I'm writing with a book stumper request. I checked out this book from the Evanston Public Library in Evanston, IL sometime between 1994 and 1999. It is an adult fiction book with a thief as the narrator. I remember it was a thinner book (probably 300 pages or less) with a white cover. One of the memorable moments in the book is where the thief breaks into a home of a wealthy family. This family had built a music room / recording studio for their child, which I believe is hidden behind some type of concealed wall with padding to muffle the noise. The music studio is stocked with high end equipment, including a piano keyboard and a portable tape recorder. The thief enters this hidden music studio and listens to some of the recordings that the child has made. Apparently the child is some type of sociopath and has made recordings with sounds of animals screaming. I wish I could remember more detail but this is the only real scene that stands out. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thanks!

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