357N: Boy Commits Suicide Because Of Parent’s Abuse After Getting Best Girl Friend Pregnant

I need help finding a book I read in high-school. The details I remember are:
The lead was female high-school aged. The book was based in Australia, she was good/best friends with a boy and I think they would catch up at a particular spot like a barn. I think he ends up going to private school and is good at sports or swimming. His mother’s meek and his dad is aggressive. They end up having sex and then I think the abuse from his father becomes too much and he kills himself. The girl ends up pregnant and her grandmother tried to help her by giving her an awful drink (think I remember it being described as tasting like Marmite) but it doesn’t work. She has the baby and the boy’s parents find out and the boy’s mother tries to help her somehow. I think they all end up in Sydney. I can’t remember how it ends. For some reason the name Sophie keeps popping in to my head but I don’t remember if that was an author or one of the characters or nothing.
Let me know if you think of anything it could be.

356P: Trying to find a novel set in England during World War II (Solved!)

I have no idea what the title of the book is. The copy I read was a paperback, probably published in the 1970s; I’m thinking it may have been a gothic romance or something of the sort.
What I can remember of the characters:
-Yseult, no idea what her last name was. She loses her memory after being in a bar? cafe? restaurant? in London that gets hit by the Blitz, wakes up in the hospital, sees herself in a mirror and finds out she’s pretty; she can’t remember her name but tells the nurse her name is “Lake”. She goes back to the place where she was when the bomb hit and starts talking to a man there.
-Nicholas Chammerd (possibly “Chamerd”) is the man she talks to; he was there the night of the bombing and had noticed but not spoken to her . They end up moving in together, and getting married. He is in the RAF? Army? some military thing, and goes off and gets killed.
Then she finds out she’s pregnant. She’s coming back to what was their flat one evening, hears a limping set of footsteps behind her, and faints.
-Lake, no idea what his full name was. And “Lake” turned out to be just a nickname, which she’d given him when they were children (or possibly she was a child and he already an adult). Turns out, he’s her first and legitimate husband, who she ran away from the night of the Blitz attack on whatever place she was in on her first night in London. He sees she’s pregnant and, although he knows he can’t be the father, says he’ll bring up the baby as his and brings her back home.
-Leda, Yseult’s stepmother, lives at Lake’s home. She previously tried to seduce him, but he wasn’t interested, so she decided to ruin his life with Yseult. Earlier in their lives together she’d convinced Yseult, who seems to have been a real dope before she met Nicholas and grew up a bit, that it would be funny to string something across the country lane where Lake was riding his horse. He was injured, hence the limping thereafter; I think the horse had to be destroyed too. And Yseult believed it when Leda tells her that Leda previously had an affair with Lake, which is why Yseult runs away.
Other things I remember:
It’s obvious Leda is the bad guy even before Yseult remembers her earlier life, as when she returns there is rationing going on, but somehow Leda always manages to have an elaborate tea, including real butter and eggs in the food. They’re on a farm, or in the countryside anyhow, but most of what’s produced is supposed to go to feed the troops.
Speaking of the troops, I think Nicholas was in the RAF as there’s an airfield nearby and Leda, who likes to surround herself with young men, wants to invite some to tea, and Yseult is afraid someone will recognize her and call her “Mrs. Chammerd”.
There’s a Blitz attack on their home, which leads to Yseult regaining her memory, and during which Leda is killed. Yseult is full of remorse when she realizes how badly she treated Lake at Leda’s instigation earlier on in their lives, and also realizes that she’s always loved him. She also says something about how good it was that Leda died while she was still relatively young and pretty.
It’s also possible the baby is born somewhere along the way – I vaguely recall a discussion about red hair, and how Lake when he was young was redheaded so everyone believes it’s really his baby. Yseult, when she sees herself in the mirror in the hospital, notes that she’s darkhaired; I’m pretty sure Nicholas had red hair.

356M: A Baby May Climb Mount Everest Someday

Looking for a children's Picture book. Guessing it was published between 1990-2015. It's about a baby and the very last page mentions Mt Everest. MAYBE the big brother is narrating - like my baby brother will do XXX when he grows up. Hopefully this is enough! I saw it ONCE in a library - my good friend who climbed Mt. Everest is pregnant I want to get her this book! 🙂 HELP.

356I: Seeking the name of a YA book from the 80s

So there’s this YA book I read as a kid that I’ve been trying to figure out for years. Here’s what I know/remember about it:

*It was about a girl, age 9ish-12ish, who was an only child.

*Her mom gets pregnant, which I don’t think the kid was thrilled about, but mom has a stillbirth or miscarriage.

*There’s a scene where mom comes home from the hospital after losing the baby and the girl is cuddling with her and there’s a rather detailed description of what the mom’s tummy feels like now that there’s no longer a baby in it.

*There’s also a scene where the girl’s aunt is babysitting her, I think while mom is in the hospital, and the aunt takes the girl to a bar for dinner where the aunt’s boyfriend’s band plays. The girl orders spaghetti and a chocolate shake. I remember this because it blew my mind at the time and sounded like the best dinner ever.

*I THINK there may have been another book to the story, wherein the mom winds up having another healthy baby.

*It was written in the 70s or 80s.

*I read it sometime in the late 80s.

*It was similar in style to a Beverly Cleary or Judy Blume, but I DON’T think it was written by either of them or by any of the other really well known children’s authors of that time.

*I am NOT thinking of the Anastasia Krupnik series.

That’s it. Any ideas? There’s no particular reason for me trying to remember, except that it pops into my head every once in a while and drives me bananas.

346C: Infant Living in Busted Out TV

Ive been searching for this book for some time now, this book is paperback, white, red, and black. It is written in first person in the "slang" dialect of the uneducated teenage female main character. Very very dark and depicting the hardships of loners in the streets.

In the beginning the main female is joined by a similarly aged male soaked in blood "so much you could smell the iron in it" holding an infant he claims is his brother, they converse about her pistol deemed a "gat". Later, they link with another male and another female and eventually become trapped in the snow on a wooded road in a van and car. They run the van out of fuel staying warm and stay together trapped and freezing in the van with the infant in a busted out T.V. Their only food is a single fish (religious allusion) - they give it to the other female character as she is the closest to death but, perhaps because of her unwillingness to be selfish, she is incapable of swallowing it and holds it in her mouth as "god would not let her swallow it." She freezes to death naked, the main character admires her body as she dies.

The latter male character eventually attempts to commit suicide with the gat, but it dosen't fire and instead he just walks into the forest to freeze. At this point the 2 original characters and the infant move to the car and idle it out of fuel staying warm. They walk back to the van and the main character has a hallucination or vision about the infant flying off with the T.V. Later, the original male character sets out for help, leaving the main character and infant in the van. They are rescued shortly after by a farmer. She hears knocking at the door of the van but hesitates, as she denies it can be real and eventually opens the door to find just a chicken, then the farmer. The farmer takes the main character and infant to his pad and the main character begins to take a shower but hesitates. Feeling the farmer watching her, she draws crowsfeet in the fog on the mirror to cheer herself up.